Roy Ka-Wei Lee
Assistant Professor
(Studio Lead)

Seah Chunwei
Senior Research Fellow

Hee Mingshan
PhD Student

Hu Zhiqiang
PhD Student

Daniel Chin
PhD Student

Ho Ngai Lam
PhD Student

Wang Han
PhD Student

Nirmalendu Prakash
PhD Student

Shaun Toh
Master Student

Dan Nguyen
Research Assistant

Yujia Hu
Research Assistant

Studio Advisors

Arjun Narayan
Head of Trust Safety,

Brian Lim
Managing Director,
Primer.AI APAC

Research Interns (Undergraduates)

Project: Authorship Attribution on the Web

Project: Detecting and Monitoring Hate Speeches in Social Media

Project: Memenlytics: Understanding Memes in Social Media

Alumni Research Staff and Graduate Students

Alumni Interns (Undergraduates)