2023 - 2026, Principal Investigator, Ministry of Education (MOE) AcRF Tier-2 Grant, SGD$663,104
Topic: "Hateful Content Moderation in Low- Resource NLP"

2022 - 2025, Principal Investigator, Behavioural and Communication Science Programme (BCSP) - TL@NTU, SGD$935,000
Topic: "Memenlytics: Understanding Memes in Social Media

2022 - 2025, Co-Investigator, SUTD Kickstarter Initiative (SKI) - SUTD, SGD$288,280
Topic: "Youths and smartphones: Developing and testing a collaborative screenome classification system to understand digital media effects"

2022 - 2025, Co-Investigator, Academic Research Fund Tier 2 - MOE, SGD$617,663.34
Topic: "Buddhist Ecological Thought in Early Modern Southeast Asia"

2022 - 2024, Principal Investigator, DSO Research Grants - TL@SUTD, SGD$598,000
Topic: "Authorship Attribution on the Web"

2022 - 2024, Co-Investigator, URA-SUTD Strategic Partnership Research Grants - URA,  SGD$960,000
Topic: "Feedback Analytics & Auto-Reply"

2021 - 2022, Principal Investigator, Seed Research Programme - TL@SUTD, SGD$85,000
Topic: "Early Detection of Rumour in Social Media"

2021 - 2022, Co-Investigator, Partnership Engage Grants COVID-19 Special Initiative - SSHRC, CAD$25,000
Topic: "Online xenophobia against Asian communities during the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter: A Data-Driven Sociolinguistic Analysis"

2020 - 2022, Co-Investigator, Accelerate Grant - MITACS, CAD$360,000
Topic: "A deep learning system to extract and structure key information from academic written texts"

2020 - 2022, Co-Investigator, DSO Research Grants - TL@SUTD, SGD$781,673
Topic: "Project Intent Inference" 

2020 - 2023, Principal Investigator, Start-Up Research Grant - SUTD, SGD$100,000
Topic: "Detecting and Monitoring Hate Speeches in Social Media"

2020 - 2024, Principal Investigator,  Discovery Grant - NSERC, CAD$120,000
Topic: "Next-Generation Social Recommender Systems: Personalized, Explainable, and Privacy

2021 - 2021, Co-Investigator, Accelerate Grant - MITACS, CAD$108,666.67
Topic: "An automated system to identify and extract key structural components in academic written texts or genres"

2020 - 2021, Principal Investigator,  Research and Development Award - LST,  CAD$20,000
Topic: "Developing Next Generation Natural Language Processing Technologies"

2020 - 2021, Principal Investigator,  Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies Research Development Grant- USASK,  CAD$9,000
Topic: "Examining Online Hate Speeches in and about Saskatchewan: A Computational Linguistics Perspective"